Radio And Video Promotion



Get your song on Major Radio that fits your genre. ( Country,  Blues ,Alternative Rock, Hip Hop , Americana,  Latin, Pop and more)your songs played alongside the biggest artist in the world We represent your songs to radio station Program Directors.

These are MAJOR Market Radio stations. Understand that Radio Station Directors get about 30 singles a day, so They only listen to the first few seconds of an artist, then they look up the artist see if they have a website, if the band is touring, their social media presence etc etc.. They want to make sure you are a REAL artist doing things. If an artist submit they will just toss it, they will ONLY accept singles submitted by familiar parties that they work with and have been approved to send in the single. Song must be Mixed Mastered and radio ready...Make sure you own 100% of your publishing.

Below are our Packages:  REDUCED PRICES

Package A Radio Stations Promotion:

We send your songs to Major Radio Stations both internet and major stations . The Campaign last for 6-8 weeks in which during that time you will receive a report on what stations are spinning and  how many spins etc… This is the time you need to promote the single by contacting friends, family and fans to call in to these stations and request the song because after 8 weeks in order to keep your song in rotation, request needs to come in for the single. We submit all genres Pop, Pop Rock, Alternative, Country, Latin, Americana, G, Folk, Hip Hop and more.( must be radio friendly)    Price $1500

Package B Music Video Promotion:

Your video will be sent to all of the Video Platforms, and unlike most companies out there we have an extra reach. Your music video will be sent to the programmers and VJ’s responsible for curating music video playlists in retail stores such as Champs, Foot Locker, American Eagle and more all across the globe. These VJ's and Curators also create the music video playlists that play in Clubs, Bars, Gyms and Movie Theatres internationally. ALL Genres welcome as long as the song is FAMILY FRIENDLY.  Price  $500

Package C Music Placement for FILM and TV

We can now submit your song for placement in FILM AND TV. Shows such as The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Law and Order, Shows on Netflix, Hulu and much more!  If your song is chosen you receive a licensing fee which usually runs between $2000-$8000 per song, sometimes more, which we get a % of, but we DO NOT TAKE any publishing. Price $500 

Payment made with Credit or Debit Card via PAYPAL INVOICE.

If interested please send the single you want to promote along with your contact info.


If interested,  Please send a MP3 of the single and Links to Music Video  you want to  Promote to Our A&R Director Jeremy at  .