Recording Deal Service

 Getting Recording Deals these days can be very tricky and complicated. The Music Industry has changed..  We have partnered with our Strategic Partners to assist you.   We can now assist in getting you a Recording Deal.  We can get you a recording deal or a distribution deal with major and indie record labels.  Unlike most distribution deals, ours comes with Promotion.  

We also assist in booking you gigs. Getting you opening spots on tours, clubs etc. because lets face it putting your music in stores and online will not help you succeed If NO ONE knows who you are..

Requirements for our Service

  • Must have a completed ALBUM,  EP OR SINGLE YOU WANT RELEASED
  • Music must be professional Quality ( radio ready)
  • Must have a following on Social Media Must be marketable ( Image)
  • MUST HAVE A BUDGET because a retainer is required!
  • The Retainer fee depends on what is needed to get you signed, so fees vary. IF you don't invest in your career why should the labels?

Interested? We need the following:

  • Link to your music
  • Link to your social media sites
  • Link to your website
  • 2 recent promo photos

Send email to: