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Living in the spotlight comes easy to comedian Tidy Dillard. Having 16 years of experience in the entertainment business, national and international exposure and credits for working with well established names in the industry, Tidy Dillard is not far from becoming a household name. Tidy Dillard hails from Kansas City, Missouri. He achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic and Theater arts, as well as an Associate Degree in Psychology and Education. His educational achievements and entertainment accomplishments prove he is ready to move on to the next level. Tidy Dillard is ready to make his mark in film, theater, and television as a stand-up comedian.


Tidy Dillard's credits vary from film and television appearances to theater and stage performances. His unique approach to stand-up comedy has featured him on numerous television programs including: " Jenny Jones", BET's "Comic View" and Comedy Central's "Comic Justice". Audience appeal landed him a spot on the 2003 Super Bowl where he did a pre-game performance to rave reviews through Laugh is Hope Productions. This production company also gave Tidy the opportunity to showcase his talents at the NBA all Star Week in the USA.   The famous Jamie Foxx definitely sees a sure thing with Tidy. Tidy has opened for him 3 times! and was also personally invited to take part in Jamie's Laffapalooza Festival. He has also opened for Chris Tucker on two occasions and the list goes on and on. As far as musical acts are concerned, Tidy has opened for recording artist Brian McKnight as his Master of Ceremonie. He also toured with Master P throughout his entire US tour.


Tidy Dillard is a natural talent when it comes to stand up comedy. His creative and energetic persona make it easy for him to captivate his audience. Tidy truly enjoys what he does and it shows with the reputation he has made for himself. Impersonations, incorporating the use of props, and other comedy relief, has left Tidy's audiences in stitches. His talents have allowed him to tour Europe and South America. He was honored when he received an invitation to entertain the US Army, Air-force and Marine Troops. In the US alone; in additions, he has performed in cities such as Las Vegas, San Diego and New York, just to name a few. He is truly an international success..


Being a kid that was bulled, Tidy knows how important it is to  help kids today to overcome the bullying, therefore his has started "CAB"  " COMEDIANS AGAINST BULLIES" , a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.


Comedians Against Bullying (C.A.B) is comprised of various influential figures within the entertainment industry such as: Comedians, Actors, Singers, Athlete's, as well as influential figures throughout the community who are willing to lend their talents and services to shine light and inspiration on this growing epidemic that is affecting our communities.  Our main goal and priority is the rebuild the self-esteem of the community by instilling laughter as a key component while dealing with the stresses of life.  We embrace the spirit of love and unity throughout the community. Website for Non-Profit coming soon.





Tidy's Non-Profit "Comedian's Against Bullies"


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